Hydrological atlas

Hydrological Atlas

Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland

Water is a major asset for Switzerland. Rain, snow, glaciers, discharge and evaporation, the water supply as a whole have always shaped Switzerland’s landscape and continue to do so. Water is an essential resource, but it can also be hazardous: for example in the form of flooding. And in our turn, we are influencing our bodies of water in a variety of ways and to a significant extent.

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    Water is an asset significant to Switzerland. Precipitation, snow and glaciers, discharge and evaporation, the water balance on the whole shaped and keep on shaping Swiss landscape. Water is a gift from heaven on the one hand, holds dangers on the other - heading flood discharge, for example. Humans, in their turn, have influenced the waters in different ways and to a great extent.
    • For schools, libraries, scientists, public offices and universities
    • Complete edition

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