National Maps

The world-renowned topographical maps are the basis for many activities and requirements. swisstopo maps show the remotest corners of Switzerland to various scales.

National Map 1:25,000

The topographic maps of Switzerland have been the best and most detailed sets of maps for generations, and are also the most popular.


National Map 1:50,000

The Swiss Army greatly depends on the 1:50,000 national map in view of its richness of detail and its clarity. This map also forms the basis for numerous leisure-time activities.


National Map 1:100,000

The widely used topographic map for a broad range of activities is notable for its accurate depiction of extensive regions.


National Map 1:200,000

The most precise overview map of Switzerland depicts the entire country with a high degree of clarity and in great detail on a total of 4 sheets.


General Map 1:300,000

The most precise overview map of Switzerland is notable for its comprehensiveness and degree of detail that is unmatched by any other map at this scale, and depicts Switzerland on a single sheet.


National Map of Switzerland 1:500,000

Accurate general map of Switzerland and adjoining foreign territory for travelers and adventurers.


National Map of Switzerland 1:1 Million

Switzerland and its neighbours from Lyons to Salzburg and from Strasbourg to Genoa on a handy overview map.