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A new map of the Geological Atlas of Switzerland in central Switzerland

The area of the map sheet 175 Ibergeregg of the Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25 000 contains an exceptional diversity of tectonic and stratigraphic units.

Hiking Maps

The best map material for your most beautiful hikes in Switzerland. The official hiking maps of the Swiss Hiking Federation depict all marked hiking trails.

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National maps

National Maps

The world-renowned topographical maps are the basis for many activities and requirements. swisstopo maps show the remotest corners of Switzerland to various scales.

Geological maps

Geological Maps

Geological maps provide information on the geological composition of the superficial strata of the terrestrial crust at scales of between 1:25,000 and 1:500,000.

Historical maps

Historical Maps

Get to know Switzerland's historical heritage with the original Siegfried and Dufour maps or old national maps; or visualised impressively on modern maps, too.

mySwissMap: your tailor-made map!

The familiar national maps or an aerial map made to measure - with mySwissMap you can design your own personal paper map with just a few clicks. Create your own piece of Switzerland!


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