Hiking Maps 1:33,333

For well-known and popular hiking regions, swisstopo produces a hiking maps series at a scale of 1:33,333. These waterproof and tear-resistant hiking maps are even easier to read thanks to their larger scale.

Official Map of Swiss Hiking Federation

The waterproof and tear-resistant map that won’t let you down! These hiking maps cover well-known and popular hiking regions of Switzerland. They are very convenient, printed on both sides and with dimensions of 11 x 17.5 cm they can fit into any jacket pocket. With an increased map scale of 1:33,333 and clear representation of hiking trails, the maps are now much easier to read. Each map includes three suggested hikes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Further information

Map index: 1:33,333 Hiking Maps

Shows the arrangement of sheets for the 1:33,333 hiking maps. This makes it easier to identify and select the desired map.

(PDF, 1 Page, ~2 Mo, EN)

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