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Hiking Maps 1:50,000

swisstopo publishes the official hiking maps of the Swiss Hiking Federation. The 1:50 000 scale hiking maps show all signposted hiking trails and cover the whole of Switzerland.

Official Map of the Swiss Hiking Federation

All of the hiking trails of Switzerland available on 59 sheets.
The maps contain marked hiking trails, mountain hiking trails and alpine hiking trails as well as useful information such as public transport stops, points of interest, observation towers, secluded inns and car parks. SwitzerlandMobility’s hiking routes are also marked.
Each map contains five attractive hiking suggestions by the Swiss Hiking Federation.

Further information

Map index: 1:50,000 Hiking Maps

Shows the arrangement of sheets for the 1:50,000 hiking maps. This makes it easier to identify and select.

(PDF, 1 Page, ~2 Mo, EN)

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