Geological Maps

Geological maps provide information on the geological composition of the superficial strata of the terrestrial crust at scales of between 1:25,000 and 1:500,000.

Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25,000

The sheets of the Geological Atlas, based on the sheet layout and topographic background of the Swiss National Maps, provide detailed information on the uppermost sedimentary and bedrock layers/units.

Geological maps

Special Geological Maps

Verschiedene geologische und tektonische Karten in Massstäben zwischen 1:25 000 und 1:100 000 ergänzen den Geologischen Atlas der Schweiz und die Geokarten 1:500 000.

Geomaps 500000

GeoMaps 1:500,000

A range of six small scale geological, tectonic, hydrogeological, geophysical and paleoglaciological maps of Switzerland. These maps give a broad overview of the composition and major features of the underlying structure of our country.

Geological Special Maps

Special Geological Maps

Various different geological and tectonic maps at scales from 1:25,000 to 1:100,000 supplement the information given in the Geological Atlas of Switzerland and the Geological Map 1:500 000.

Gravimetric Maps

Gravimetric Atlas of Switzerland 1:100,000

Bouguer anomalies across Switzerland are shown in 22 sheets.

Hydrogeological Atlas

Hydrogeological Map of Switzerland 1:100,000

The Hydrogeological Map 1:100’000 (HYGEO100) provides a regional overview of the occurrence and water flow in the subsurface.

Hiking Geology

Hiking Maps with Geology

The hiking maps with additional geological information give a unique insight into the geological history of our landscape.