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Gravimetric Atlas of Switzerland 1:100,000

Bouguer anomalies across Switzerland are shown in 22 sheets.

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The computation of the gravity anomalies in the earth's crust was based on the International Gravity Formula of 1967. Topographic effects were taken into account using a constant density of 2670 kg/m3 to a depth of 167 km (Hayford Zone O2). The Gravimetric Atlas of Switzerland is published by the Swiss Geophysical Commission (a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences).

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  • Edition: 1997
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    (B. Dumont, V. Graber-Brunner, Ch. Heim, E. Kissling, E. Klingelé, A. Leuthold, Ph. Logean, R. Olivier, F. Perret, H. Schwendener), 1997

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